Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the completed church...

The church has been on cruise control for to long, we are unfinished and without task. We have been given an assignment and direct orders (Mark 16:15-20) and some christians are doing what God said to do, but the church as a whole has fallen short.

The problem is the church is unable to carry out their assignment w/o the baptism of the Holy Ghost actually the bible says in (Acts 1:8) Don't try to carry out your assignment until you have been filled with power from on high. That power was and is the  "Holy Ghost" and we need the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We know this because the 120 that were assembled on the day of pentecost were already believers and in (Acts 2) when the spirit was poured out upon all flesh "the were filled will power from on high".

It takes power from on high to carry out God's word! Right after the disciples "Pentecostal Experience" Peter preached and 3000 were converted (Acts 2) saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, how was this possible? He was filled with "Power from on high" the same Peter that had denied Christ three times now stood up and preached with authority and lives were changed.

The church cannot afford to conform to the worlds ways, we cannot become what the world wants us to be, we cannot allow the devil or the world to dictate to us how to reach and or preach,teach the word of God. We must evolve daily into the people God has called us to be, the entire world is looking for an encounter (a true one) and when they go to the church they encounter a fake or even cheap watered down church who does not have a clue and or does not have "Power" to help them at their need. The lost and dyeing world needs something different,authentic, real they need and encounter with God not a friend and or a Pastor or christian that will hang out an tolerate the devil that is destroying their life.

The world needs the Holy Spirit the church needs the Holy Spirit, God intended us to have the Holy Spirit (not the Holy Spirit through salvation) the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" the indwelling the fulfilling the endowment or power. The world needs a "Pentecostal Experience", and authentic move of the Spirit. The world needs the Power that God promised us we need the power in order to accomplish or carry out the word...

Scripture Meditation: Acts 1&2, John 14:12-31,Acts 19:1-9....

Please understand my heart, it is not to hurt anyone but to push and encourage the body to rise up and change the world, we can do it ( with God all things are possible) I love you all,be blessed... Pastor Richard R. Summerlin


OpenID sandrahersey said...

Pastor thanks for telling us what the Word of God says, it may not always be the popular word for the world to hear, but it is truth and it IS God's word!

May 5, 2009 at 9:42 AM

Blogger TL's said...

Good work Pastor, keep true to your calling and the plan God has set for you and His plan will succeed through you His vessel. Keep the vessel full

May 8, 2009 at 7:07 AM


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