Monday, May 11, 2009


Giving for some reason is hard for most "Christians". I believe that the reason most christians struggle with giving is because they give according to the flesh or (natural understanding) giving however is a spiritual law given to a natural world to bless or increase us, giving is the gateway to our harvest.

Giving should never be an obligation but an act of worship,faith and obedience God tells us in the bible: "He gives seed to the sower" He also tells us "give and it shall come back to you" these are spiritual laws and promises that God honors, In Genesis 8:22 God gives us that law "while the earth remain seedtime and harvest" that means that the giving law will remain while we remain here on this earth.

Lets look at 2 Corinthians 8: 1-14 Paul is addressing the church of Macedonia this church understood the principles of giving v.5 because they gave themselves unto the Lord. When you give yourself to the Lord everything you have becomes His, you are no longer giving out of obligation but understanding and obedience, this church was financially challenged however they gave out of their hearts (faith), they gave above the natural, they gave spiritually they gave trusting God. (your seed determines your future). Lets look at vs. 3&4 they gave according to their ability (their ability carried them to the point of faith, that is when God gets involved with the seed and harvest) then they gave beyond their natural ability and they did it voluntarily.

Understand that God wants the seed not because He is broke or so that you become broke He wants the seed so that He can return to you a harvest according to your seed (Mark 4:26-32) the entire Kingdom of God works by this principle (seedtime and harvest) We as the church need to begin to give in Faith and not out of fear we need to give out of obedience and trust not out of obligation. When we begin to give ourselves unto the Lord first and let the Spirit direct us with our seed we are also allowing God to control our harvest and He gives it back "pressed down shaken together and running over".

Meditation Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 (amplified) Malachi 3, Mark 4:26-32.  


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