Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Healing Settled...

We Must settle in our our hearts the question, is healing for me and is healing for today? We find the biblical answer in Isaiah 53:4,5 and 1 Peter 2:24 Jesus our redeemer has already redeemed us from sickness and disease, the answer is YES!!!! Healing is our right, God's will is health in all circumstances in (John 10:10) we can see that God is the giver of abundant life. God does not or never has used sickness to teach anybody anything thats what the word was sent to do (teach us) and the Holy Spirit confirms the word with signs following (Mark 16:20). Understand that we cant pray Gods will if we don't know His word Gods will and His word are the same, but in order to access God we must know His word and we must go to Him in faith believing according to what He (hath) has promised. Gods will is healing in every circumstance all the time.

Meditation Scriptures: (healing scriptures) Exodus 15:26, Exodus 23:25,26, Duet.7:15, Gal. 3:13, Psalms 103:3, Psalms 107:20, Psalms 118:17, Prov. 4:22, Isaiah 53:4,5, 1Peter 2:24, Romans 8:11, Romans 4:17, Joel 3:10


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