Friday, May 15, 2009

"Holding the Rope"

Oral Robert's preached many life altering messages in his life however recently He taught/preached a message on "Holding the Rope" (you can watch the message in it's entirety @ I thought it would bless you.  

In Acts 9:20-25 Paul was just saved traveling into damascus to preach Christ to the Jews, the Jews obviously took offense to this and in (v.23) "the Jews took counsel to kill him" the bible tells us that the Jews laid in wait to capture him  and then kill him. However their were some christians that heard what was going on and took it upon themselves to help him (Paul) escape by attaching a rope to a basket and lower him to safety.

Brother Oral Robert's went on to say that these men that were lowering him down to safety were "Holding the Rope" for him, they were not named or in the spotlight however their help and commitment to hold the rope allowed Paul to live and preach the gospel (Impacting His Generation and Ours) everybody needs somebody to hold the rope for them, who are you holding the rope for? and will you hold it as long as it takes? 

It would appear strange to actually hold the rope for someone however Brother Robert's was referring to prayer, are you praying for someone that needs your prayers? they may never know it was you but your faithfulness to "hold the rope" will determine if they live or die, succeed or fail, remember someone held the rope for you.

I encourage you to watch this message in it's entirety and to listen to thy Holy Spirit when He tells you to "Hold the Rope" commit to hold it to the end.

And please "Hold the Rope" for your Pastor's We love you....

Meditation Scriptures: Acts 9:20-25, Mark 11:24,Proverbs 15:29,James 5:16,2 Thessalonians 3:1, Ephesians 1:15-23...


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