Friday, May 22, 2009

It is time to "Arise"

This generation need's a radical move of the "Holy Spirit" Jesus was radical in His time here on earth and I would venture to say that He would be just as radical if He were here now.

The assignment was and always will be teach,preach and impart the entire word of God with "Power" to this nation (Mark 16:15-20) says it the best, we are not called to be worldly but to revolutionize the world with the gospel.

As a modern day revivalist I call the nation's to arise and radically infect the world with Gospel.

Meditation Scriptures: Mark 16:15-20. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Power from Heaven"

The need of the "Holy Ghost" in our generation is tremendous. We need the holy spirit today just as much as they needed him at the day of pentecost (Acts 2), we must understand and take into consideration that the Holy Spirit was given to this generation in and under this dispensation or covenant (New Testament). 

This covenant or testament does not work correctly without the "Holy Spirit" and his ministry, however most church's and christians want to carve the "Holy Spirit" and his ministry out of this covenant or dispensation in which he was given to empower,direct,comfort,and lead into all truth's. 

Understanding that the "Holy Spirit" the third person of God (God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) the third person of God is the "Holy Spirit" and the holy spirit has been given to the church now for the perfecting and finishing of it. I am sure that you would agree with me that disobedience to the word of God is sin, well God's word has instructed us to receive and embrace the "Holy Spirit" in His entirety, Jesus himself told us (under this covenant) that it was "expedient that I go" so the holy spirit would come, Jesus also said that the holy spirit was not only to be with us but to be in us.

The church is in this state (globaly) because the absence of the spirit of God. The "Holy Spirit" is the only form of God on earth today, Jesus is not here (He is in heaven seated on the right hand of the Father) God is not here (He seated on the throne) the "Holy Spirit" however is here the (representative fullness of God) here on this earth now. And understand that the "Holy Spirit" is not a watered down form of God He is God in the spirit form.

The church has been deceived when it comes to the ministry of the "Holy Ghost". You might say Pastor how can you say that? well when the majority of church's around the world are afraid of the ministry and work of the "Holy Spirit" the church has been deceived, when christians are ignorant of the "Holy Spirit" and or are afraid of the anointing and presence of God by the "Holy Spirit" we have got to say that the church has either been deceived or is living in direct disobedience of God's word they both are wrong you can pick which one you like, but this is the harsh reality.

Not only the church but the entire world needs the "Holy Spirit" in his entirety, without him we cannot become who we are called to be.

Meditation Scriptures: John 14:12-26, John 15:26,27, John 16:7-15, Acts 1:8, Joel 2:28,29, Acts 4:29-32, John 4:21-24, 1 Corinthians 12:1-6.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Holding the Rope"

Oral Robert's preached many life altering messages in his life however recently He taught/preached a message on "Holding the Rope" (you can watch the message in it's entirety @ I thought it would bless you.  

In Acts 9:20-25 Paul was just saved traveling into damascus to preach Christ to the Jews, the Jews obviously took offense to this and in (v.23) "the Jews took counsel to kill him" the bible tells us that the Jews laid in wait to capture him  and then kill him. However their were some christians that heard what was going on and took it upon themselves to help him (Paul) escape by attaching a rope to a basket and lower him to safety.

Brother Oral Robert's went on to say that these men that were lowering him down to safety were "Holding the Rope" for him, they were not named or in the spotlight however their help and commitment to hold the rope allowed Paul to live and preach the gospel (Impacting His Generation and Ours) everybody needs somebody to hold the rope for them, who are you holding the rope for? and will you hold it as long as it takes? 

It would appear strange to actually hold the rope for someone however Brother Robert's was referring to prayer, are you praying for someone that needs your prayers? they may never know it was you but your faithfulness to "hold the rope" will determine if they live or die, succeed or fail, remember someone held the rope for you.

I encourage you to watch this message in it's entirety and to listen to thy Holy Spirit when He tells you to "Hold the Rope" commit to hold it to the end.

And please "Hold the Rope" for your Pastor's We love you....

Meditation Scriptures: Acts 9:20-25, Mark 11:24,Proverbs 15:29,James 5:16,2 Thessalonians 3:1, Ephesians 1:15-23...

Monday, May 11, 2009


Giving for some reason is hard for most "Christians". I believe that the reason most christians struggle with giving is because they give according to the flesh or (natural understanding) giving however is a spiritual law given to a natural world to bless or increase us, giving is the gateway to our harvest.

Giving should never be an obligation but an act of worship,faith and obedience God tells us in the bible: "He gives seed to the sower" He also tells us "give and it shall come back to you" these are spiritual laws and promises that God honors, In Genesis 8:22 God gives us that law "while the earth remain seedtime and harvest" that means that the giving law will remain while we remain here on this earth.

Lets look at 2 Corinthians 8: 1-14 Paul is addressing the church of Macedonia this church understood the principles of giving v.5 because they gave themselves unto the Lord. When you give yourself to the Lord everything you have becomes His, you are no longer giving out of obligation but understanding and obedience, this church was financially challenged however they gave out of their hearts (faith), they gave above the natural, they gave spiritually they gave trusting God. (your seed determines your future). Lets look at vs. 3&4 they gave according to their ability (their ability carried them to the point of faith, that is when God gets involved with the seed and harvest) then they gave beyond their natural ability and they did it voluntarily.

Understand that God wants the seed not because He is broke or so that you become broke He wants the seed so that He can return to you a harvest according to your seed (Mark 4:26-32) the entire Kingdom of God works by this principle (seedtime and harvest) We as the church need to begin to give in Faith and not out of fear we need to give out of obedience and trust not out of obligation. When we begin to give ourselves unto the Lord first and let the Spirit direct us with our seed we are also allowing God to control our harvest and He gives it back "pressed down shaken together and running over".

Meditation Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 (amplified) Malachi 3, Mark 4:26-32.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the completed church...

The church has been on cruise control for to long, we are unfinished and without task. We have been given an assignment and direct orders (Mark 16:15-20) and some christians are doing what God said to do, but the church as a whole has fallen short.

The problem is the church is unable to carry out their assignment w/o the baptism of the Holy Ghost actually the bible says in (Acts 1:8) Don't try to carry out your assignment until you have been filled with power from on high. That power was and is the  "Holy Ghost" and we need the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We know this because the 120 that were assembled on the day of pentecost were already believers and in (Acts 2) when the spirit was poured out upon all flesh "the were filled will power from on high".

It takes power from on high to carry out God's word! Right after the disciples "Pentecostal Experience" Peter preached and 3000 were converted (Acts 2) saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, how was this possible? He was filled with "Power from on high" the same Peter that had denied Christ three times now stood up and preached with authority and lives were changed.

The church cannot afford to conform to the worlds ways, we cannot become what the world wants us to be, we cannot allow the devil or the world to dictate to us how to reach and or preach,teach the word of God. We must evolve daily into the people God has called us to be, the entire world is looking for an encounter (a true one) and when they go to the church they encounter a fake or even cheap watered down church who does not have a clue and or does not have "Power" to help them at their need. The lost and dyeing world needs something different,authentic, real they need and encounter with God not a friend and or a Pastor or christian that will hang out an tolerate the devil that is destroying their life.

The world needs the Holy Spirit the church needs the Holy Spirit, God intended us to have the Holy Spirit (not the Holy Spirit through salvation) the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" the indwelling the fulfilling the endowment or power. The world needs a "Pentecostal Experience", and authentic move of the Spirit. The world needs the Power that God promised us we need the power in order to accomplish or carry out the word...

Scripture Meditation: Acts 1&2, John 14:12-31,Acts 19:1-9....

Please understand my heart, it is not to hurt anyone but to push and encourage the body to rise up and change the world, we can do it ( with God all things are possible) I love you all,be blessed... Pastor Richard R. Summerlin